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How can I change the order that files appear in?

To change the order in that items appear in a folder simple click on change order of items. Drag the items into the desired order and hit save. You can also set the order to

  • older first
  • newer first
  • alphabetical

How can I upload allot of content into INTERDUBS?

You can upload content to interdubs via your browser, ftp or a droplet. See uploads for more details.

Can I hide a file?

Yes. And actually it is very simple: Just select the hide file icon in the listing. A client can not longer see the file. The background of hidden files will be grayed out, and the icon will change to which would reveal the icon again. You can check your changes by clicking on the client view function. Alternatively you could also put the file or folder into the OLD folder.

I need the same file twice in INTERDUBS, do I have to upload it again?

You can duplicate files easily within INTERDUBS. Select the check box of any file you like to copy. A row of new icons will appear. Select the copy file icon will appear among others. Select it, and then select the target folder and you have your file(s) in both locations.

Can INTERDUBS handle XYZ file type?

The short answer is a short and resounding: yes. File types illustrates how this works and Uploads guides you which methods you can use for file bigger than 2048 MByte.

How should I encode content for INTERDUBS?

INTERDUBS supports the most features in the Quicktime format. If client requirements demand so then you can use avi format. See Encoding Clip formats, Resolution and Bandwidth for more information.

My clips are squeezed 16x9 inside of 4x3

Interdubs can scale quicktime clips during output: Select the edit file icon form the listing and enter the desired X (and/or) Y coordinates that Interdubs should display the clip at. 16x9 ratios will be displayed for your conveience. The default is the resolution that got derived from the clip itself during upload. You can also multiple files at once via File_Management#text_edit. Finally there is a function to force all clips to 16x9 aspect ratio when you upload them or after selecting files with the checkboxes. Look for the force aspect ratio to 16x9 function.

Does INTERDUBS work with an iPhone?

Yes. See Iphone for details.

Do I need to send INTERDUBS emails out of INTERDUBS?

No, you have many options outside of sending email from INTERDUBS. Simply leave the email address blank to see how you can get the email text. See Email#Entering_no_email_address_.2F_skipping_the_first_screen for details.

How can I change the time zone?

Go to utils and select config. You can enter the time zone as a configuration parameter relative to pacific time. See date for details.

I have entered an email address that does not work. How can stop INTERDUBS from suggesting it?

You can easily remove an address from the active address book. Please see Address book for details.

An image has been added to a login, but I do not see it in the client page

Login images will be displayed where the Html keyword for it appear in the html configuration. You can add this yourself or have us do it as part of INTERDUBS services.

How long does a trial last

Please see INTERDUBS trial account for details.

How can I create a link that I use myself but that has tracking info in it

You can follow our get link instructions here.

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