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INTERDUBS is designed to be self explanatory. You can probably discover most of its features directly by using the admin interface. Or just get in touch: Call, iChat, email. Whatever is easiest for you. Whenever you need something: Chances are, there will be somebody working on INTERDUBS and be more than happy to help you.

The feature set of INTERDUBS grows constantly. Try the search or contents links on the left.

Please contact us

Please get in touch via 877 837 3827 or should you have any questions.

When you get in touch you do help us to improve the system: Most things that you like about INTERDUBS came into being because users contacted us and asked for things to be better.


INTERDUBS offers a 100% uptime guarantee. You can look up the status of the system via the independently run to inquire about the current past status of the system.


If you see in the admin interface then this will bring you to the corresponding manual page.


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pages that would have no link otherwise

Documentation is like ...

"Documentation is like Sex: If it's good, then it is awesome. When it is bad, then it is still better than nothing"

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