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You can add files to INTERDUBS in a variety of ways. After the file is in INTERDUBS it remembers where it came from. However all files behave the same, regardless of their origin. Please see also File types.

While we maintain the fastest possible network connections for INTERDUBS network performance issues might occur in actual production. Please get in touch should you not have the very best performance possible. We often can work around issues of other network providers.

This page lists the ways how files can be uploaded into INTERDUBS. There are also other ways how files can be added to INTERDUBS. Please see File additions for details.


Admin Drag And Drop Upload

The admin interface supports two different Drag_and_drop_upload_via_HTML5 methods:

Drag and Drop

Since March 2014 INTERDUBS has a new uploader that does not have file size limits. It also supports multiple parallel upload streams which can increase performance, especially on long distance connections.

Classic Drag and Drop

This upload was the first iteration of drag and drop uploads in INTERDUBS. It has a file size limit of 2GBs and uses only one upload thread.

Admin Classic upload

A third way of uploading is available via the Classic upload screen. Here a couple of extra parameters are available for the uploaded files.

Client side uploads

INTERDUBS can allow clients to upload files - Either via a standard uploader or a Drag and Drop function that is equivalent to the Classic Drag and Drop screen in the admin interface.

See client side uploads for details.


The INTERDUBS droplet allows you to upload folders and files of any size.

If you use Apples OS X operating system then you can generate a droplet by clicking on the

 generate droplet 

icon. INTERDUBS will generate a droplet file for you that will be downloaded in a dmg file. If you open this dmg file, you find an application that you should store somewhere on your computer.

The name of the droplet will be that of the folder that you have created it in. The droplet knows in which folder you have created it in: Files that you drop on it it will upload into the folder inside of INTERDUBS.

There is no file size limit with this method. The droplet will ignore folders and files that already exist will be added a second time.

You can keep the droplet for instance in you dock or on your desktop. Nothing stops you from having multiple droplets for the INTERDUBS projects that you are currently working on.


There is also a ftp gateway for each INTERDUBS client segment. See ftp for details.


The INTERDUBS api allows you to upload files as well triggered by a program. See api for details.


You can also upload files via Dropbox into INTERDUBS. See Dropbox for details.

File addition methods

There are numerous other methods that can add files to your INTERDUBS segment. See File additions for an overview of all methods.

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