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Brief answer for the impatient

Generally the following encoding settings will yield great results:

File format: mp4

video codec: h264
audio codec: aac
compressed header: no
bandwidth: 2.5 megabit a second
dimensions: 800-1280pixels wide

Please get in touch or read on if you like further information or help with this.

You can transcode clips in INTERDUBS to match these settings.

File format

Using the mp4 file format will provide broadest playback support among many devices. As of October 2015 support for the qucktime / .mov file format is being phased out by browsers and operating systems.

Clip Bandwidth and end user bandwidth

The page http://www.interdubs.com/index.php?mensel=bw_capa can tell you for how many percent of INTERDUBS end users a clip will play right away. If you enter the bandwidth of a clip you get the percentage of clients that can watch the clip right away.

In general we recommend to encode your clips with 2500 Kilobit / second. But of course INTERDUBS can deal with any level of bandwidth that your content may require.


INTERDUBS can handle and transfer any file you like to upload.

In general all file types can be used. INTERDUBS will enable players and features depending on the given file type.

As of 2014 we recommend the

.mp4 file format

since it has the widest platform support. Since mp4 files use h264 quality is as good as it can be, while bandwidth needs are moderate.

INTERDUBS can convert uploaded files via the Transcode feature.


We recommend to encode clips at 960 by 540.

H264 does a fine job filling large images without causing any artifacts.

It can be assumed that people have a screen size that is wider than 960 pixels.

Video settings

Data Rate: Restrict to 2500 kbits/sec
Compression Type: H.264
Frame Rate: current
Key frames: Automatic

H.264 is widespread enough to assume that all potential clients have it. It can provide stunning video quality for relatively low bandwidth needs.

Audio settings

Audio Compression: AAC 
Bitrate: 256 kbps

If audio is critical to your work then you could consider to use uncompressed. CD quality audio uses 1411 kbits/sec. 2300 for video and 1411 for uncompressed audio will get you a file with a bit more than 3Mbit/s. Most people in a pro environment will have more bandwidth than that.

improve these settings if you like

These values on this pages are only guidelines. Feel free to optimize them along your needs. INTERDUBS can deal with any size and bitrate for your clips.


INTERDUBS can convert clips automatically into the an iPhone format. In order to use this feature set the configuration

iPhone plays

to the value

converted clips

Timecode track

A timecode track in a file can prevent progressive download of a file. In these cases your client will have to wait for the entire clip to be downloaded before it starts playing. It is advisable to work around this limitation by disabling the creation of a timecode track when creating the file.

Movie header

Some programs, among them Avid in some versions, place the header of a movie file in the end of of the file. This prevents progressive download behavior. INTERDUBS can address this behavior via the Quick_start_fix feature.

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