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A login has a configuration parameter called sender email.


Sending emails for logins

The send email function will allow you to send an email out for a login.

Sending emails for folders

When you email from the folder section then you have additional choices on the first email screen:

Sending email for folder

You can have the direct in the email point to the folder that you are in. This might make navigation easier.

Hide link to parent folder

You can hide the link to the parent folder on the client pages. Your clients will be able to see the folder that you send the email from, but they can not navigate back into other folders.

Alternatively you could

 add a login 

directly for the folder in question.

Email line filtering

If you enable Hide link to parent folder then INTERDUBS will filter the email template. All lines that start with


will not be part of the email text that you see.

If you use the default email template then the lines that contain the login name and password will be removed by this filter. Entering the login name and password would give your client access to the main folder, not the sub folder only as you intended.

Sending emails for files

If you send email from the edit file function, then the email will point directly to that file, but people can navigate around the login that you sent the email against.

Email bundles

You can send multiple logins or reels with one email. Please see email bundles for details.

Download link email

You can send an email with links that will download selected files. Please see download link email for details.

Email Distribution


  Email distribution 

feature allows you to send one email to different logins via one command.

Mass email

You can send out a

 mass mailing 

with INTERDUBS. See Mail merge for details.

Sending email yourself

You can also send email yourself, instead of sending it via the INTERDUBS system.

When sending email yourself you have the following choices:

Copy email text into copy paste buffer

clicking this allows you to paste the email text into any application that you can paste text into.

Send email with your mail program

clicking this option will open the mail program you use on this computer via the mailto: link and will fill out subject and email text for you. All you need to do is add the addresses.

Email text displayed

when you do not enter any email address on the first screen then you will see the email how it would send. You could manually copy paste portion of the generated email for instance.

Use tracking while sending email yourself

If you enter an email recipient on the first screen then the system will generate a valid tracking link. So, even though you sent the email yourself, you will be able to tell that the access to your pages has come from the email you used.

Display name

INTERDUBS can use a display name alongside the actual email address. This is optional and be used in the from as well as for the recipient. Please note that the display name for the recipient will be visible for your client.

From: / Reply-to: /

INTERDUBS allows you very detailed control of the sender part of the email that the system generates and sends out.

Depending on your needs you can customize this to match your requirements.

INTERDUBS will remember the settings for these fields automatically. But you can also update them via the personal preferences screen.

Default Setting

The default setting for the sender part is geared toward maximum success of delivery. Please see below for specific explanation of those email sender fields in question. If you have not changed the setting then INTERDUBS set set the sender as follows:


The default settings are geared towards delivery rates above the 99% mark. Depending on your audience you often can afford to alter your settings to match your needs:


The from: part is used by some mail filters to verify the authenticity of the email. Each email has two parts: The name or identified of the recipient on the left of the @ sign, and the so called domain part on the right of it. If the domain part matches the the actual system that the email comes from then this helps in some filters to qualify the email as non spam. It is worth noting here that difference spam filters by no means agree on rules like this. At INTERDUBS we constantly monitor the most common systems and put everything in place that gains most situations and harms nobody. If herding cats comes to mind then you are pretty spot on. Our amazing success in delivering email is based on a great number of tiny little details that got tweaked.

It does help to have as the domain part of your email. Your segment name (like 'example') could also be used as in when your links would look like http:/// This will forward to the sender email being set in the configuration of your segment.

Finally you can set the from: also to your own email. INTERDUBS will send the email. All email programs will work, no matter how poor their reply functionality is implemented. Most often your email will also be delivered.


The reply-to: part of your email should get used by an email program if the user selects a reply or reply all function. The vast majority of email programs do so. It is advisable that you set this address to your personal email address. INTERDUBS does so by default.

The address is set as the default from part as explained above. Should an email program reply to this address then we end up getting the email. We will forward the email to the person in question as long that is possible. Much we never look at the content you post we also will -of course- ignore the content of these emails.

Entering an email addresses

First you enter the email addresses of the people that should receive the email for the login. See below for ways how you can enter email addresses in Interdubs.

typing a new address

You can enter email addresses with the keyboard into the email field of the first screen. If you enter a space or "," the email will be added above in the list of emails to be used.


If you start to type an email name, and the email is in the address book then you will find it as an option below. Click on the button with the name in order to add the email address.


Interdubs keeps track of the emails that you sent. To send email to the same group of people again you can simply click on the history listing in the lower part of the screen. All people that did receive the email before will be added.


you can remove email addresses from the current sender list.

automatic BCC

You can configure to send a BCC email to an address you define. Some companies like to keep a record of all emails sent out via INTERDUBS. In order to activate this feature set the email address(es) you like to use in the configuration of your segment. Look for email address(es) to bcc on all mails sent in the config screen.

actual email to send

Once you are done with the email you can select the on to step 2 button to continue.

address check

If an address new then Interdubs will do a simple check if it can find a computer on the internet that is designated to handle email for this domain. If there is an error in this phase then you will receive a warning message. It is likely that you have a typo after the @ sign. If Interdubs should be wrong about this part, then please let me know, which address it wrongfully complained about. If address is new but the system can find the part behind the '@' sign, then interdubs will offer to check the full email address in a new page. This does sometimes works, but some mail servers are configured to always acknowledge the existence ('yahoo' for instance), or they will not cooperate with user lookups. Google gmail works pretty well here.

subject and email text

Interdubs looks up the configuration values for the subject and email text and fills out the fields with the proper values. You can alter the email you send. If you find yourself doing so frequently then you should probably rather change the configuration values. You can have your own personal email default text that INTERDUBS will use. You can set this under personal preferences

show other people who received an email

Interdubs sends each person an invidual email. This is a feature. If you like for people to see who else has gotten the Interdubs email then you can leave this box checked.

line space doubling

Some mail programs have been reported to have no line spacings in Interdubs emails. I am pretty sure that this problem has been addressed or respectively was caused by the receiving system. I left this checkbox in the end of the page, so that you can use it if you need to. If you do, then please let me know so that I can look into the issue further.

Email log

All emails that you send from within Interdubs will be logged. You can access this information with the email log icon in the edit login function.

Email template

The email text will be generated based on the email template configuration parameters. These can be, as all configuration paramaters, changed for the entire segment, specific logins or in what's called a look. See email template for details.

Email signature

The text of an email gets extended by a signature section in the end. This is made out of two parts:

Company signature

This usually contains your companies address and contact info. Having real information in this section will improve your chances of spam filters letting your email go through. Especially when the actually message is very short.

INTERDUBS signature

There is a default INTERDUBS signature that will be appended after the company signature. Of course you can override or even remove the default by changing the configuration value for this. Please note that very short messages might be caught in spam filters easily.

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