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You can hire INTERDUBS to work on your settings and other INTERDUBS related things.



INTERDUBS started out innocently enough: Just a webpage for work in progress. That worked well enough. It turns out that it actually is possible and desired to extend the capabilities of INTERDUBS. But with those added features and capabilities the complexity of configurations and settings grows naturally. In order to run and operate INTERDUBS successfully you do no not need to know about these things. And that should never change. But there is also tremendous value in the growing capabilities of INTERDUBS beyond work in progress postings. Services is a way for you to unlock this value.


The field of Services is pretty wide. So maybe a couple of examples can illustrate best what can be done.

Custom sites and pages

It might be, that you like to host content via INTERDUBS. Actually some people feed the reel section of the website from INTERDUBS. It's pretty nice content management system. And they are familiar with it. It is certainly worth to look at all the options and configurations that INTERDUBS has to offer when you would like to set this up.

Integration into other systems

INTERDUBS is a database system running on a Unix computer. Therefor it is possible, and actually not hard at all to integrate other systems. The devil is -of course- in the details, but once set up (properly) these systems seem to work rather well. A client had for instance an ftp site that a collaborator posted material to. It was pretty easy to write some conduit code that would crawl and copy the site automatically.

Sales tool

INTERDUBS can be used as sales tool. Have a look at Sales tool for some instructions. You might want to migrate content over into INTERDUBS for this. Or you might need help tagging content or setting up a design for a presentation page template. All these things we can coordinate together as service.

Special security requirements

INTERDUBS is secure. But certain clients might have special security requirements for specific projects. All this would be a service. We set up specific sites just for specific projects for instance. Or organized postings via encrypted dmg files. This is really a case by case situation.


Services are never required for you. If you think that you might have a need for these Services then you get an exact definition of the expected cost and what you get for it. And -as everywhere else in INTERDUBS- you only pay once your are entirely satisfied, and after it all is working. In our experience the amount of work varies hugely. Actually things that look complex and huge can be done often quickly and easily. So it's always worth asking if something could be done. In many cases my clients approached me and they got the solution without any extra charge. In general additions and features will be done for free if they benefit all users and INTERDUBS to a certain amount. That's how we got here. Services can also be rendered by other than INTERDUBS personell. Actually this is encouraged. In the long term it makes more sense if more people know about INTERDUBS and can help with adopting it. Trying to squeeze a couple of hours of consulting fees would be tremendously short sighted. We can also recommend designers and technical personal if your needs would require that.

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