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How to see what has been uploaded last

If you go to search and do not enter anything to search for. Hit SEARCH right away. Interdubs will display files and folders in their order of addition. Latest ones will be on top.

How to make a client drop box

You can easily create an INTERDUBS login that allows one of your clients to upload material for you. Click on the

 enable upload

button on the right of the login listing you like to use.

Visitors to your client pages of that login can now upload content into it.

Alternatively you could choose the look Look#upload_only. This will enable uploads, but it will also prevent that contents will be listed to other visitors / uploaders using that link.

How to make a sales page

see also: quickReel

You can use Interdubs also to show your work to prospects. Many people found it helpful to have their key work already online in a folder or a couple. They often use tags to categorize the work. They create a new login and copy the clips that they like to present into the folder of the login. Often they use the notes feature to add a message for their presentation. Some have a specific look created for these presentations. Finally they send email to their prospects, and check with the logs when people had time to look at their work. If you like to use a similar workflow, then then please get in touch, it is part of Interdubs services offerings to configure such solutions for their clients. See Sales tool for more details.

Create a folder with todays date as the name

Since people have to do this frequently there is a on button shortcut for this: Simply click on Folder with todays date to create a folder with todays date. The format can be configured to whatever you need.

Extracting still frames from clip files

You can create a new image file from a file. See Edit_file#create_image_from_movie for details.

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