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INTERDUBS is used to manage media online. Each client has their own private segment.

There are two views into INTERDUBS data:

1. The admin interface, used to control the content. 
2. The client side. How you present your work to your clients. In order to have a client view to your data you have to create a login

These two sides solve entirely different purposes and are therefor different in design and nature.

The admin pages look the same in each INTERDUBS segment. They get updated frequently.

The client side is customizable to reflect the design that your company likes it. Its look and feel makes it very easy for your clients to use INTERDUBS.

In the admin interface you find two main sections:

Logins and files

In short, logins manage the client access to your contenr. Files are being stored in a tree like structure.

Logins point to a start point in this tree. Your client can only see files and folders in the folder and below that the login points him to. You can follow the first steps tutorial page to see how this works in an example.

If you have any questions then please get in touch. See our contact information

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