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Files are stored in folders. In general the INTERDUBS folder structure works very much like the hierarchy that you know from a computer. INTERDUBS stores files and folders in a database. Which allows for the following enhancements:

  • file names can contain virtually all characters.
  • files and folders are always unique in the database. They can have the same name.
  • the database knows at all times how many files are contained in a given folder, and how much space they occupy
  • meta information can be attached to each file. Some of it is internal, other is user editable, like [notes], [tags] or [credits]

functions that are related to files have a blue button color.

See File Management for a list of operations that you apply to files.

You grant access to your folders via logins. See Logins and files

See Uploads for ways to add files to INTERDUBS.

See File types for supported file types.

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