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You can make yourself familiar with INTERDUBS by following these simple steps that create a review and approval posting:


Create a new login

In the top menu click on the first button


Then select directly beneath

 add client login 

Enter a login name and (a password if you like) and click

CREATE login

Preview page if you like

After you created a login you can preview how the page would look like via the

 client view 

link. You'll find this function throughout the system. The look and feel of these pages can be customized entirely to match your branding and needs.

Add a file

Click on

 upload file

and drag files that you like to upload into the window that says

Drag files here

The files will get uploaded automatically

Send an email



Enter the desired email address and click

review and send email with INTERDUBS 

you can edit the email text and then hit

SEND email.


That's it. Of course there is a lot more that you can do with INTERDUBS. Just click around. Any destructive action would give you a warning.


this video shows the first steps as well (in a slightly outdated version of the admin interface)

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