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logins control the client access to your files stored in INTERDUBS. Usually creating a new login is the first thing that you do when you like to post something in a new project. The default setting will create and connect a folder with this same name.

Logins and reels are essentially the same thing.

When you create a login via the add login function you set:


login name

This name is what clients enter when they log in to INTERDUBS via the login page. The most common access however is a direct link.

The login name is usually visible in the top of the page. You can alter the login name at any point. Updating the login name has no effect on the direct link.

Login names can contain any character. However the client login pageonly accepts letters, numbers, the space and _ characters for security reasons. If you use letters for a name that fall out of this scope your clients no longer will be able to log in via the login form. The system does warn you about this.


The password that clients enter when they log in. You can set a default password in the configuration screen of your login. You can let the system generate a password if you like. INTERDUBS checks the security level of the password and display information about it. You are free to use any password.

The combination of login name and password needs to be unique. But you can reuse the same login name with different passwords. These logins are entirely independent from each other. If they have been created with the default options then each points to its own folder that just happen to have the same name. (see logins and files)

sender email

Each login has a sender email address associated with it. You can separate multiple email addresses by comma. The first one will be used as the email sender sender for invitations. If a client leaves a comment in the login then the sender email address will be used as a recipient.


You can assign a look to a login and control the behavior of your client pages. The system will remember the last look you have used when you created a login before.


A login can override most configuration settings. Configuration settings set for a login will have 'the final word' over settings defined on the look or configuration level.

edit login

There are many more parameters and features that can be accessed via the

 edit login 



Logins can be assigned to a job client. This allows the easy managed of a great number of logins. Interdubs will remember which logins are being expanded in your browser and will highlight the associated data in all listings with a light blue color.

access control

There are multiple ways to control client login accessibility. All these methods can be combined at will:


A date and time can be set after that the login is no longer accessible. See login expiration for details.


A date and and time can be set before that the login is not accessible yet. See login embargo for details.

Automatic expiration by access pattern

A definable access pattern can cause the automatic expiration of a client login. See Referrer_match_and_auto_expiration for details.

Access count limit

A login can be valid for a given number of page views. See maximum view count for details.

locked logins

If you select a login on the logins screen with the checkbox in front of it you can then use the

 lock login

function to lock the login. This will prevent accidental deletion of the login or of any file or folder that is reachable via this login.

It will also add the login to the company reels for admins using the rep mode.

login image

You can assign an image file to a login. This will be displayed on the client pages and in the admin listing under logins.

Please see Login_image for details.


Functions that are related to logins have a greenish button color. Please also have a look at access control

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