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This page is about the INTERDUBS New York data center.


Benefit of Migration

A client that posts allot of work in progress content from the east coast and has a very fast Internet connection can benefit from the close distance to This effect is most noticeable for upload speeds over 10Mb/s.

The actual speeds can be compared the results via these two links:

The same performance differences apply to plain vanilla ftp accounts as well.


Clients often start using by launching all new work in progress content in NY, while existing ones continue to use the previous data center.


In order to find your New York link simply replace


in your URL with


Should that not work for you - or if you use a client domain and would like to switch then please get in touch. We are here to help.

admin sign ins

Admin sign ins have been cloned in June 2012. We can clone your existing LA admin sign ins for you, if you like us know.


All looks as they existed in June 2012 have been cloned from LA to NY. We can update this for you.

logins and data

Logins and data is NOT duplicated between data centers. You can manage and duplicate them manually.


If you like you can copy files from data center to data center. It is quiet fast. Please see Transfer_between_datacenters for details.

Alternatively you can use the Archive_folder function with a plain vanilla ftp account as the target. We can transfer this content over for you.


If you like to use while finishing a project then you could forward logins you have sent out that point to the www data center. See Client_page_forward for details.

111 8th Avenue

In New York we host out of 111 8th Avenue.

New York is a big market so having close to 3 million square feet to expand into sounded like a good idea.

Seriously: We host our data centers out of well connected buildings. This gives our clients the best possible performance. And we we have the choice to connect directly to as many upstream providers as needed.

We take networking seriously. It is nothing that we would to have handled by a third party for us.

Hosting out of the Port Authority building on 8th Avenue makes the most sense in that concept.

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