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INTERDUBS operates data centers in the US and in Europe.

These are functionally independent from each other but run the same software and feature set.



In order to copy files between data centers you select them and click on the

 transfer files to other data center

icon. On the next screen you will be able to alter the target folder and can decide if you like to get an email notification when the transfer is done.

INTERDUBS uses the ¤ tasks mechanism to transfer the files since it might be a while before your request has completed.

Data centers

Usually you can obtain the data center you use by looking at the URL that your use: is the US west coast data center is the US east coast data center is the European data center

client page forward

You can consider to use

 client page forward

feature to have logins on the old data center point to the corresponding ones on the new one.

See data centers for more details.

Bulk transfer

If you would like to transfer larger amounts of data then please get in touch.

If you use the Archive folder function into a plain vanilla ftp location and let us know, then we can transfer the content for you to a data center of your choice.

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