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As INTERDUBS grows we add data center locations where there are enough clients that can benefit from it.

INTERDUBS data centers interchange data, but they are run independent from each other. This feature avoids that issues in one location could impact the rest of the system.

This page describes the procedure if you like to switch Data centers. As a client we use example that uses our data center in LA (www.interdubs.com) and would like to use the NY instance.

Links are currently


Since new data centers get created by cloning an existing client foot print it is worth checking of a segment already exists in the target data center. This is easy, simply obtain the data center domain from our data center page and see if a link exists:


If it does not exist then please get in touch so that we can clone the segment for you.

A segment on a target center starts out with no files or logins.

We can bulk transfer data for you. Please let us know if you require this service.

You can also do this yourself on a file by file basis via Transfer between segments

We can forward existing links on the old data center to the new one. You can do so as well via Client page forward

When you switch data centers we do not charge for the storage that you use on that target side for 2 months.

If you clean up the storage on the old data center then this considerably lower your invoices.

After the two months you will get charged based on the storage in use in the new data center.

If you have any questions then please get in touch. We are more than happy to assist you to with this process.

It is in our interest that you use the data center that gives you the best performance and that is closest to you.

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