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INTERDUBS mailings

INTERDUBS uses mailings to keep people informed about the INTERDUBS system and its features.

Every recipient can control about which subject she would like to receive how much mail.

Email audiences can decide on which #channel they would like to receive what kind of #volume.

Certain settings need to be approved by INTERDUBS.


There are 4 levels of email volumes to choose from:


Via the everything setting you will receive all mailings there are. If you are interested in INTERDUBS and what it can do for you then this setting might be worth trying. Everything will also send communication about experimental features and other beta announcements.


The normal setting will inform you about new features and changes once they are part of the normal production workflow. If you like to test out new things as soon as they become available then we would recommend the everything setting.


The essentials setting will only send you mailings for key changes. If you have your are receiving messages on the financial channel then a pricing change would be considered such an essential message, while smaller term changes would not be communicated to you. The idea behind essentials is that you get as little email as possible.


With the none setting you make sure that you do not get emails on a given channel. In fact the remove my email address is simply setting the volume to none on all channels.


Different audiences might have different interests. INTERDUBS currently supports the following channels to serve different audiences:


Mailings to the public channel contain information that is helpful for people using INTERDUBS that are considering it or that are interested in the service otherwise. The default for public is normal when you are using any of the other channels.


If you use INTERDUBS as an admin use then this channel will inform you about updates and new features that allow you to do new things.


Reps using INTERDUBS use a small part of the functionality of the system in a specific interface. Having a special channel only for them allows to specifically address their needs and feature requests.


A root admin is a admin user with added features and abilities. Features and updated that are only available for root admins will be communicated here.

financial contacts

People getting invoice notifications and making payments are being considered financial contacts. Everything that would impact payment systems would be communicated in this channel.

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