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INTERDUBS data centers

In order to serve our clients best we run several data centers in the following locations:



Currently INTERDUBS operates three data centers in the following locations:


Our US west coast clients are being served out of our installations at One Wilshire in downtown LA. The best connected building in the western part of the United States.

State:  fully operational


The eastern part of the country is being served out of 111 8th Ave, NY. One of two major telco buildings in New York, and -yes- one of the best connected buildings in the eastern US.

Please see INTERDUBS New York for details on how to switch etc.

In June 2012 we created the segment footprint as a clone of the US www one. See "clones" below for that means for your settings.

State:  fully operational


Our European hosting location is located in Hamburg, Germany. In May 2010 we created e1 as a clone of the US one. See "clones" below for that means for your settings.

State:  fully operational


The domain name of the data centers are the following: west coast east coast Europe

E.g: If you like to see if you have a segment in the New York data center and have currently a segment in the the west coast data center then you could replace www with ny in your URL. For the segment example you would use instead of . Data is NOT being copied automatically between data centers.

Switching Data centers

You can switch INTERDUBS data centers if it is better for your business or performance.

See switching between data centers for details.

launch via clone

We start out a new data center cloning an existing one. This clone process does NOT copy logins or files. Looks and admin logins are however been copied.

If you had an INTERDUBS segment in source of the clone data center then you automatically have one in the target one. After the clone the data centers operate independently from each other.

transfer between data centers

If you have segments with the same name in multiple data centers then you can export files from one data center to another. See Transfer between datacenters for details.

speed tests

Each data center has its own speed test page. They are:  west coast  east coast  Europe

multiple data centers

If you can benefit from having a segment in a second data center then please get in touch.

Usually we can set this up quickly for you.

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